Preparation for Procedures


This information is provided as a general guide only. Preparation instructions can vary patient to patient and may depend on medication you may be taking. Your instructions will be given to you at the time of your preliminary consultation or after discussion with our specialist triage nurse. The preparation instructions given to you will take into account your medical history, current state of health and any medications you may be taking.

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Preparing for Gastroscopy

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What can I eat while preparing for colonoscopy

Low Residue Diet

Suggested for per-COLONOSCOPY Your doctor may change this dependent on your own circumstances.


  • Juice – apple, cranberry, pear, white grape
  • Yogurt (no fruit or nut topping)
  • Small bowl of Cornflakes or Rice Bubbles
  • 2 eggs – poached, boiled or scrambled
  • Bacon, pork/ chicken sausage
  • Hash browns
  • White toast – with
  • Vegemite, honey, lemon butter, butter, margarine
    French toast/ cinnamon sugar
  • Croissant – plain or ham & cheese
  • Muffin – no fruit or nuts / Crumpets with honey / Pancakes with syrup
    Chocolate brioche
    Tea, coffee, water


  • Clear soups, broths, chicken noodle soup
  • Fish, ham, turkey, chicken, pork,
  • Potato or pumpkin (without skin)
  • Potato salad
  • Pasta Carbonara or macaroni cheese (no tomato sauce or bottled sauces)
  • Sandwiches – white bread/ roll
  • Panini: chicken, ham (no mustard) tuna, turkey, cheese, egg
  • Baked rice custard: chocolate mousse / Plain – vanilla ice cream
  • Water, soft drink , tea coffee


  • Cheese and crackers
  • Rice cakes, protein bars – no nuts
  • Ham quiche
  • Parmesan cheese sticks
  • Wedges with sour cream
  • Cake / Cheesecake baked with white flour
  • Chocolate biscuits – no nuts
  • Scones butter and honey
  • Pikelets/Waffles with lemon & sugar or honey
  • Vanilla slices, doughnut, custard Danish, custard tart, meringue
  • Milkshakes, egg flip/protein shake / Clear sports drink /tea/iced tea/coffee/hot chocolate
  • Plain or chocolate Sustagen / Ensure/Digestilact